• Handwoven Wallhanging

    This piece embodies techniques of macrame, weaving and crochet. It was made using finest materials sourced in Europe and around Australia. All weavings carry stories with them, this one was made having in mind a show in Melbourne to which it didn't make it. Also, the yarns that are used here are quite special. 

    The copper yarn was purchased in Latvia from a small family owned shop. The owner was really proud telling me how he got this yarn from Chanel house in Italy.

    The teal wool that is incorporated in the centre of the piece was received as a surprise from a fiber share partner in England. It's the softest merino wool. 

    The tassels and left hand side part of the weaving were made from Australian made, thick twisted rope. The manufacturer is located in Victoria.

    The ice blue weaving was made using a lithuanian made flax yarn. Lithuania is known for its flax/linen mills in Europe.

    The beige macrame part on the right hand side was made using a cotton sash cord produced in Poland.


    I am tiredlessly searching for vintage and specialty yarns that I can use to create one of a kind pieces like this one.


    It measures ca 60cm in width and 80cm in length.


    Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.